Friday, October 14, 2011

Online Rituals

In my opinion online rituals can have just as much supernatural efficacy as those preformed in the real world. Its not about the where that these spiritual rituals are performed, it is about how that ritual makes a person feel inside. Someone taking communion online or confessing their sins can feel just as much dissonance as someone doing it in the real world. Maybe for that person they prefer to worship from the comfort of their home and as long as they are getting the message why shouldn’t they be allowed to do the required rituals as well. We have skype dates taking the place of real dates and people think that is fine so why not with religion too. The only limitation for online rituals is what you believe is possible. To some going to church can’t be matched by going online but to some the experience is the same and the feelings between the two are equally shared. It’s all about what you get out of the experience personally.

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